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Are your children getting quality childcare services?

When you pick up your kids from day care centres, you have a window of opportunity to hear about how they spent their day away from you. You can ask the caregiver, joyfully (and perhaps anxiously): Did my daughter drink her milk today? After lunch, did she take a nap? Did she have any squabbles with her classmates?

Even so, how well-informed are you about the early childhood care your children are receiving? We know that the quality of processes, namely the frequency, type, and character of interactions between children and caregivers, has the greatest impact on children’s development. At the same time, these are the things that are the most difficult to monitor – not just for us as parents, but also for the staff who work in a child care facility.

In Alkimos, Western Australia, we are a family-owned and operated childcare centre. Our main goal is to provide high-quality child care in a nurturing and encouraging setting that is also safe, so that children’s growth and development can be supported.

We value developing meaningful relationships and collaborations with children and parents in order to provide them with a memorable early learning centres near me experience and a place to look forward to every day. The Early Years Learning Framework will be used to guide children’s education and care.

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