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Enrol Your Child

Enrolment and orientation are an exciting and emotional time for children and families. It is important to manage this time with sensitivity and support by building partnerships with families and the service.

Sharing information and developing open lines of communication, establishing relationships built on trust, such partnerships enable the service and families to work towards common goal of promoting consistent quality outcomes for all children who attend the service.

Our service provides all families with an orientation process that allows the child and families to transition into the service. We believe orientation visits are an important process where educators can get important information about the new child’s needs and those of families. This process can help to make the transition from home to the service a smooth and positive journey for everyone involved.

The Centre Manager will arrange for the family to come in for an orientation. We strongly encourage all families to do a minimum of one orientation before starting at the service, all families are welcome to do as many orientations as they feel needed.

When completing our online enrolment form, if you start the application and wish to continue working on it later, you can close the browser and come back to it later and the information that you have already entered will automatically be saved. Use the same device when you return to the enrolment form.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Our free centre tour provides you with the opportunity to ask any questions you have so you feel comfortable with the choice you’re making. It will give you the opportunity to meet the educators, learn about the centre’s approach and view our indoor and outdoor learning and play areas.