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Toddlers Room

Starflower Room

Our toddler room provides care for 15 children each day aged from 2 years - 3 years.

Children have a Strong Sense of Identity

Every child has a personal locker and bed for rest/sleep. The environment contains a book corner with a variety of books and puzzles, block and construction area, art and craft with collage materials and a home corner with food.

Indoor and Outdoor Areas

All children have access to spacious indoor and outdoor environments. Educators will engage with children to become familiar with the children’s emerging interests and support child led play. Our outdoor environment has climbing forts, sandpit area, bike tracks, and tunnels which gives children the opportunity to explore and make choices in their play. Educators will support children to safely use the different play spaces.

Routines and Group Interactions

Routines and group interactions are key when it comes to forming positive relationships with each other. Educators will embed learning experiences throughout the day to support children’s social skills, sense of agency and self-help skills.

Numeracy and Literacy is introduced through mat times, group activities, and transitions throughout the day. Mealtimes are an opportunity to socialise, have meaningful conversations, learn about healthy eating and build positive relationships with one another.

We provide a mat area for small group interactions and free play with a variety of books, musical instruments, cars and trucks and other engaging activities for the children to choose from.

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